Yavas Gamats 2005

Gamats Gamats – Yavaş Yavaş International Summer School was held between 9th and 18th of August 2005, in Antakya, Turkey. The summer school was organized by Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly – Turkey, with the aim of contributing to confidence building between the youth of Turkey and Armenia by bringing 24 university students from the two countries together in a program that involves thematic lectures, workshops as well as a group-work component to provide the experience of joint work. The summer school was supported by the Confidence Building Measures Programme of the Council of Europe.

In this web-site, constructed with the inputs of the seminar participants, you can find lots of relevant information regarding the summer school, products of group-works, diaries of participants, seven issues of the seminar journal, media coverage of the school, reflections from the participants and also photographs and videos from the summer school. If you have any question about the project, the web site etc. you can reach us from our e-mail addresses
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Gamats Gamats – Yavaş Yavaş Project Team

Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process is a programme implemented by a Consortium of eight civil society organisations from both countries with the financial assistance of the European Union under the Instrument for Stability

The overall objective of the programme is to promote civil society efforts towards the normalisation of relations between Turkey and Armenia and towards an open border by enhancing people-to-people contacts, expanding economic and business links, promoting cultural and educational activities and facilitating access to balanced information in both societies. 

The Consortium partners include Civilitas Foundation (CF), Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF), Public Journalism Club (PJC), Regional Studies Center (RSC) from Armenia; and Anadolu Kültür, the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly (hCa), and Hrant Dink Foundation from Turkey.  The programme will include a series of activities such as media support, TV talk shows and citizen reporting to contribute to better mutual understanding.

The programme will also include travelling discussions; workshops and trainings for youth and teachers; exchange of artists, architects, and entrepreneurs; fellowship opportunities and travel support to enhance encounters and cooperation across the border. Research on business and economic opportunities; celebrity discussions about the past; and opinion exchanges of high-level former officials will also be a part of the programme. 

One of the main pillars of the Programme is inclusiveness – to engage and support new actors in the dialogue process. To this end, the Consortium created a Grant Scheme to invite individuals and civil society organisations from Armenia and Turkey - other than the Consortium members - to propose and implement their own project ideas, which will contribute to the overall objective of the Programme and multiply the shared outcomes. 

The results of all activities will be shared with the public through the trilingual website, which will serve as a networking tool featuring the overall picture of the past, current, and future developments in Armenia-Turkey dialogue initiatives. 

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